No way Pakatan can fulfil manifesto, says Tunku Aziz

on 01 March 2013

BAD TRACK RECORD: Opposition playing 'silly games' for votes

KUALA LUMPUR: FORMER DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim said the opposition coalition's manifesto is just another list of promises that will not be fulfilled.

"Those who believe and rely on those promises will be left disappointed," he said, adding that the nature of the manifesto only prove that the opposition do not have the experience to govern a nation.

"Based on their track record, many promises will go unfulfilled," said Tunku Aziz at a press conference in Tropicana Golf and Country Resort here yesterday.

"If Pakatan Rakyat leaders had any experience in their hands, they would realise that their promises cannot be delivered."

He added that the opposition's plan of raising the income of Malaysians was just following what the Federal Government had laid out, but with an increase in figures.

"Unlike Pakatan Rakyat, the government figures are prepared by teams of experts from the Finance Ministry, the Economic Planning Unit and Bank Negara Malaysia.

"Are they (opposition leaders) doing this to get people excited? To win a few votes?

"They are playing silly games. We have to think whether they are in a position to deliver."

Experience, Tunku Aziz said, cannot be replaced by expectations or promises. He added that the opposition leaders should be a little more modest and learn more before beginning to make such promises to the people.
"We cannot have this kind of behaviour in people who aspire to lead us and the future of our complex country, and we should take all these things much more seriously."

On a separate matter, Tunku Aziz called on the Registrar of Societies (RoS) to investigate the "technical glitch" that happened during the DAP central executive committee elections in Penang in November last year.
He said if DAP leaders were good and responsible, they would voluntarily step down while the RoS investigated the matter.

"The CEC was improperly constituted, and the appointment of the top leadership cannot by any means be regarded as valid.

"Now, we see the flaws of the DAP system. The convention in Penang made it very clear."

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